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UNHCR Uganda Monthly Update: Refugee Status Determination (RSD) (September 2018)

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Key Highlights Monthly Trend of Asylum Seekers:

  • During the reporting period, a total 1,264 new asylum seekers were registered at the Refugee Desk in Kampala including 745 Somalis, 340 Eritreans and 100 Burundians, which indicated a slight increase in numbers compared to the previous month.
  • There were increasing number of asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) due to growing tension and violence in North Kivu and Ituri Provinces, which recorded 4,779 new arrivals in mid- and south west of the country.
  • 1,609 new arrivals from South Sudan were reported in Adjumani, Moyo and Lamwo districts because of reasons such as lack of access to livelihood and basic services as well as inter-clan fights in Geria Country.
  • 257 new Burundians reportedly sought asylum, mainly in Nakivale settlement owing to continuous threats and arrests linked to refusal to vote and voting against the May 2018 referendum.

Status Determination:

-The Refugee Eligibility Committee (REC), during the session of 18-20 September in Nakivale settlement, adjudicated asylum claims of 632 HH/ 2,042 individuals largely from the DRC and Burundi. A total of 601 HH/1,974 individuals was granted a refugee status. - The Refugee Appeals Board (RAB), during the sessions of 11-13 and 23- 25 September, reviewed 54 appeal cases involving 100 individuals including 33 Eritreans, 15 Pakistanis and others. The RAB confirmed 12 REC’s decision and set aside 24 cases, while referring 15 Pakistani cases back to the REC in light of the Minister’s directive on non-admission of Pakistani asylum seekers issued in June 2018.

Capacity Development:

  • UNHCR Assistant Representative (Protection) paid a first visit to the RAB on 11 September to discuss some operational challenges such as difficulties in adjudicating certain asylum claims and delayed disbursement of the project funding as well as request for additional capacity development assistance.