UNHCR Uganda: Legal and Physical Protection Thematic Report (April 2019)

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Apr 2019 View Original

Key highlights

  • The Arua operation has continued plans to support security structures by building their capacity and providing the necessary facilities to serve. As one of the strategies in its phone distribution plans, the operation targets security secretaries to enhance their communication with respective security agencies and other supportive mechanisms.

Physical Safety and Security

  • A total of 702 crimes were reported in Arua with 158 (92 refugee, 66 nationals) recorded during the reporting period. In comparison with March where 180 cases were recorded, April has registered a reduction in crime rate by 12%. Assault, domestic violence and threatening violence remain the highest reported crimes in the settlements of Arua.

  • The operation is committed to safeguarding and maintaining the civilian and humanitarian character of asylum in the settlements. As of April 2019, the operation had registered 400 ex-combatants comprising (398M/2F); 06 children in Arua.

Access to Legal Assistance and Legal Remedies

  • A total of 4,050 refugees had been provided with general sensitization on legislative awareness and legal counselling in the settlements of Imvepi, Rhino and Lobule and detention facilities of Arua and Koboko.

  • In Kyangwali, legal counselling was provided to 41 refugees who presented various issues which ranged from recovery of money, custody, to loss of documents and land disputes, among others.

  • Legal counselling and follow up was conducted for 100(70M/30F) suspects and accused persons from Nakivale (97) and Oruchinga (3). Additionally, 52(28M/24F) witnesses from Nakivale (50) and Oruchinga (2) were facilitated to attend court in Isingiro Grade 1 Magistrate’s court.

  • In Rwamwanja, 13 witnesses (9F/4M) were supported with pre-trial counselling and watching brief to enhance access to justice.