UNHCR Monthly Protection Update - Refugee Status Determination (RSD) August 2019

from Government of Uganda, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Aug 2019 View Original

Monthly Trend of Asylum Seekers

▪ During the reporting period, a total of 1,808 new asylum seekers were registered at the Refugee Desk in Kampala including 1,071 Somalis and 390 Eritreans. The figure, particularly of Somali and Rwandan, is reduced compared to July 2019.

▪ 8,799 new arrivals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were recorded in south west and mid-west of the country, which shows the overall decline by 3,000 individuals compared to previous month. Most of them fled from ongoing insecurity and violence in North and South Kivu, and Ituri Provinces.

▪ 1,147 new arrivals from South Sudan were reported in West Nile districts. The figure indicates a lower number in comparison with July 2019. The reasons of their displacement included violence and insecurity, seeking family reunification as well as lack of access to humanitarian assistance and basic service.

▪ 679 Burundian asylum seekers were newly registered in Nakivale settlement owing to continuous insecurity caused by Imbonerakure militia.