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Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2022-2023, Livelihoods & Resilience - Quarter 1, January - March 2022



In the wake of diminishing humanitarian aid and increasing refugee population, the driving objective of the livelihoods sector is promoting refugee self-reliance and resilience with a focus on supporting access to arable land for agricultural production for food security, access to formal employment and entrepreneurship. This is expected to support refugees and host community members to generate sufficient agricultural production and income to attain self-sufficiency.
In the first quarter, partners focused on promoting access to land and training on climate-smart agriculture to increase agricultural production given the increasing prices of basic commodities, including food items. South Sudanese refugees in the West Nile/North have recorded a lot more success in accessing land than their Congolese counterparts living in the Southwest settlements mainly through informal rental agreements.
However, security of land rights remains a major concern due to the weak land tenure system and informality of land transactions between refugees and landlords. Besides, Uganda continues to receive refugees from both DRC and South Sudan, which calls for partners to reprogramme funding and prioritize emergence care and maintenance at the expense of sustainable livelihood and economic inclusion activities.