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Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, Environment & Energy Dashboard - Quarter 4, January - December 2020



Objective 1: Environment and natural resources protected and restored and green livelihoods promoted using a catchment-based approach

With support from the Office of the Prime Minister, partners including district local governments continued to jointly implement environmental activities such as community mobilization and sensitization, environmental restoration and protection, raising tree seedlings, tree growing and maintenance and green livelihoods such as beekeeping, agroforestry and support to nursery operators albeit the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions.

NFA continued maintenance activities for the 422 hectares restored in 2019 in the Central Forest Reserves (CFRs) of Eria and Era in Obongi district and Bugoma in Kikuube district. An additional 49 hectares of bamboo were planted in Era CFR to replace the areas affected by fires as part environmental restoration activities, bringing the cumulative restored area to 471 ha. Approximately 6.25 million assorted tree seedlings were raised across the 13 different nursery sites and by end of Q4 2020, 83% of these seedlings had been distributed to beneficiaries for planting with the remaining 122,741 seedlings unplanted because some of them became overgrown during the Covid-19 restrictions, losses from disease and insufficient water during the maintenance to Season II and the ungrafted fruit seedlings.

The established community woodlots across the operation were mainly maintained using agroforestry approaches such as taungya system where the trees are intercropped with food crops for the refugees and host communities who weed their crops while simultaneously weeding the woodlots.