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Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2020-2021, Environment & Energy Dashboard - Quarter 3, January - September 2021


Results Analysis

By end Quarter 3, National Forestry Authority (NFA) had completed establishment of 300 ha of plantations as planned for the year for restoration planting for restoration of degraded Central Forest Reserves (CFRs) i.e., 100 ha in Rwensabya CFR, 100 ha in Kulua, 50 ha in Bugoma CFR and 50 ha on OPM land in Kyangwali. This brings the cumulative number of hectarage restored and protected by NFA since 2019 to 771 ha. Also, NFA raised an additional 1.4 million assorted tree seedlings for planting across the operation during season 2 bringing the total seedling production to 6.43 million for the entire year. By end of Q3, 76.7% (4.93 million) of these seedlings had been distributed for planting out of which 66.3% (3.27 million) was distributed in West Nile and 33.7% in the DRC situation.
Three (3) central tree nurseries were also established by NFA namely Adjumani nursery, Rwensambya nursery near Kyaka II, and Kanungu DLG nursery. By the end of Q3, Adjumani nursery was fully operational, Rwensambya establishment was complete and for Kannungu works were ongoing.


These included intermittent rains which resulted in slow uptake of tree seedlings and logistical challenges in transportation of seedlings to beneficiaries who live at a longer distance, such as in Kiryandongo together with insufficient fuel allocations to enable seedling transportations in multiple batches.

Key Priorities

For the remainder of 2021, the Environment sub sector has prioritized procurement of plantings material (seeds and cuttings) to start raising seedlings for 2022 planting by NFA, distributing the remaining tree seedlings in the nursery for planting out in the season 2 rains, maintenance of restored area and monitoring of environmental interventions.