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Uganda Refugee Response Plan (RRP) 2019-2020, Environment & Energy Dashboard - Quarter 2, January - June 2020



Objective 1: Environment and natural resources protected and restored and green livelihoods promoted using a catchment-based approach

With support from the Office of the Prime Minister, partners including district local governments continued to jointly implement environmental activities such as community mobilization and sensitization, environmental restoration and protection, raising tree seedlings, tree growing and maintenance and green livelihoods such as beekeeping, agroforestry and support to nursery operators albeit the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions.

In March 2020, the Water and Environment Sector Response Plan for refugees and host communities was officially launched. The Sector Response Plan provides a framework for orderly and integrated planning and implementation of water and environment sector activities in refugee-hosting districts bringing together humanitarian and development actors to address immediate humanitarian crises as well as medium and long-term investments towards recovery and development of these districts.

NFA continued maintenance activities for the 422 hectares restored in 2019 in the Central Forest Reserves of Eria and Era in Obongi district and Bugoma in Kikuube district. Spot weeding was carried out for 376 ha, slash weeding for 90 ha and strip weeding for 286 ha. NFA raised 5.1 million seedlings for the first planting season and by the end of the quarter, 39.7 percent of the seedlings had been absorbed for planting leaving a balance of 3.06 million seedlings in the nurseries for maintenance until the rains resume.