Uganda: rebuilding lives

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The people of northern Uganda are slowly overcoming the traumas suffered following two decades of brutal conflict.

The civil war between the armed militia the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by self-declared ‘God and Prophet' Joseph Kony and the Ugandan army, saw tens of thousands of people abducted and 90 per cent of the population forced to leave their homes and live in unsafe, squalid and over-crowded camps. There was little food or healthcare. Child abductions, murder, mutilation, rape, looting and burning of homesteads formed part of the LRA’s senseless and brutal campaign.

CAFOD’s partner, Caritas Gulu, took a key role in supporting those who managed to escape from the LRA, offering them psycho-social counselling and reuniting them with their families. Caritas Gulu, with CAFOD’s support, continue to offer counselling, and through small loans are enabling people to leave the camps and return home to rebuild their farms and set up small businesses and cooperatives so they can once again be independent and live life with dignity and a sense of future.

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