Uganda Raiders Kill 40 People In Remote East

KAMPALA (Reuters) - At least 40 people, half of them children, were massacred in an inter-tribal raid in a remote area of eastern Uganda, the Ugandan army said Wednesday.
Ethnic Matheniko raiders attacked a Bokora community living in kraals, or fenced cattle camps, on the edge of the Bokora near the Kenyan border.

"They attacked the kraals at dawn in massive numbers and then made off with the livestock,'' Colonel Geoffrey Taban, commander of the army in eastern Uganda, told Reuters.

Survivors told the army the raiders torched homesteads and threw those who tried to escape back into the fires.

The raid took place on July 29 but local leaders failed to report the attack to the army for several days.

There are no roads in the area and Taban said soldiers had just arrived at the scene and were in the process of verifying the final death toll, which he said could be much higher.

The Matheniko and the Bokora frequently clash over cattle grazing rights and raid each other's livestock.


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