Uganda Multi-Hazard Infographic - Response/DRR Platform (10 January 2022)



2,860 Individuals & 1,386 Households affected

745 Internally displaced Persons and 193 households

131 Are persons with specific needs (PSNs)

December 2021

o December was characterized by disaster triggers which included floods, drought/famine, landslides/mudslides, heavy storms/hailstorms and transport related hazards.

o Kasese district was the most hit with floods, heavystorms/hailstorms, landslides/mudslides and famine/food insecurity affecting a total of 1,305 individuals. The Teso region is experiencing drought as reported in Amuria(300), Katakwi(550) and Ngora(662).

o A total of 2,860 individuals(31% male and 69% female) and 1,386 households were affected. The children (<19) were the highly affected at 48% followed by adults (19-64) at 42%.

o Individuals displaced (IDPs) were 745 with 193 households and 131 individuals were identified as persons with special needs(PSN).

o There is high priority need for hygiene promotion and health services in areas affected by floods, water supply and food assistance in famine/drought affected districts, among others.

o CRS with its Caritas partners responded to households affected by landslides in Bududa and floods Kasese. The response was to support individuals for the next month of recovery


351,242 Individuals & 54,688 Households affected

24,303 Internally displaced Persons and 4,564 households

2,725 are persons with specific needs (PSNs)