Uganda Multi-Hazard Infographic - Response/DRR Platform (10 December 2021)



3,071 Individuals & 642 Households affected

745 Internally displaced Persons and 381 households

37 Are persons with specific needs (PSNs)

November to date 2021

o In November, the nation experienced floods, heavy storms/hailstorms, fires, transport-related accidents, Collapsed Structures/Buildings/Earth/Quarry and the two explosions that rocked Kampala city, killing at least seven people.

o Floods were reported in Kasese in the west and Kampala, affecting 685 individuals. At least 994 persons were affected by heavy storms/hailstorms in Rakai, Kasese, Sironko and Bukomansimbi; 850 by fires in Wakiso and Bundibugyo; 358 by terrorism in Kampala; and 182 by transport-related accidents and collapse of buildings in Masindi, Buliisa, Kampala and Wakiso.

o Hazards affected 3,071 persons in 642 households; 46% of the affected were male, 54% were female and 53% adults.

o 745 individuals and 381 households were internally displaced, with 37 identified as persons with special needs.

o There is high priority need for hygiene promotion, health, water supply, sanitation, shelter, food assistance, NFIs, among others.

o Precipitation levels continue to decrease as the SOND rainy season comes to an end. Basing on the UNMA rainfall forecast, below-normal rains are expected in the eastern and north-eastern regions and some parts on the Victoria basin.


348,382 Individuals & 53,302 Households affected

23,558 Internally displaced Persons and 4,371 households

2,594 are persons with specific needs (PSNs)