Uganda: Marburg Viral Disease (MVD) outbreak Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF n° MDRUG039

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

The Ugandan Ministry of Health officially declared an outbreak of Marburg Viral Disease (MVD) in Kween and Kampchorwa districts in the North Eastern part of the country on 19 October 2017 after laboratory diagnosis and confirmation of a positive case of MVD by PCR at the Uganda Virus Research Institute. As of 28 October 2017, a total of 6 cases; composed of 2 confirmed, 1 probable and 3 suspected cases; which had epidemiological links to the confirmed case. A cumulative total of 3 deaths (2 confirmed and 1 probable) have so far been recorded. There are currently 2 cases on admission at the MVD isolation facility established at Kampchorwa Health Centre IV, in Kaphorwa district. A total of 258 contacts (175 in Kween district and 83 in Kapchorwa district) have so far been listed, 62 of whom have already completed 21-days follow up, while the rest are still under follow up.

Despite the fact that all age groups are at-risk of being infected with MVD, the current outbreak has majorly affected young adults within the age range of 18-49 years (67%) while others are 5-17 years old (17%) and above 50 years of age (17%).

The outbreak has since spread affected three districts of Kween, Kapachorwa and, most recently Bukwo district where contacts of the last confirmed case are yet to be traced. Bukwo has porous borders with lots of cross-border activities. The risk of exportation of the outbreak into Kenya through Kitale, Endebess and other communities neighboring Bukwo district is high, with some potential contacts already identified on the Kenyan side. This requires intensified cross-border surveillance between the two Governments as well as within National Societies.

A significant response from MoH, WHO and other partners including URCS volunteers has been under way since the start of the outbreak. The multi- stakeholder teams of experts will remain on ground in Kapchorwa and Kween district until the outbreak is fully contained.