Uganda Infosheet: Districts affected by disasters in August 2021



In August 2021

• The month of August received above normal rains in some parts of the country that triggered floods, heavy winds and heavy storms/hailstorms.
And drought has also persisted in the cattle corridor from July .

• Flash floods were reported in Kasese as river Nyamwamba and river Mubuku burst their banks and in Kampala it was due to heavy rains .

• Drought is still being reported in the cattle corridors mostly in the sub - regions of Karamoja and Teso .

• On the reporting date a total of 36 ,406 persons representing,775 households were reported as victims of disasters in the country .

• Persons with Specific Needs (PSNs) were identified and they totaled to 1,150 from 233 households.

• Internally displaced persons (IDPs) affected by disasters were 1,392 from 232 households

• From the Rapid Needs Assessment done, it was noted that there is great need for water supply, sanitation, nutrition, health services, food assistance and NFIs.

• The 2 nd rainy season of September, October, November & December (SOND) is expected to start according to the weather forecast released by UNMA and this is likely to trigger floods and storms in the country, especially in the central region.

Cumulative in 2021

• As per the reporting date, a total of 222 ,930 persons representing 36 ,404 Households have been affected by Drought, floods, landslides, heavy storms and fire outbreaks in Uganda from January to the reporting date .

• Reported affected IDPs total to 20 ,107 individuals from,344 households .

• A total of,390 persons from 233 households were persons with specific needs (PSN).