Uganda Humanitarian Situation Report #22, 18 March 2014

from UN Children's Fund
Published on 18 Mar 2014


Since the 15th of December, fighting in South Sudan has displaced around 740,000 people within South Sudan (OCHA), and led to the outflow of asylum seekers into neighbouring countries. Uganda has received the majority of them, registering more than 75,000 South Sudanese refugees between December 16th and March 17th, 2014. Uganda has a long history of receiving and hosting asylum seekers from South Sudan. For those fleeing the latest outbreak of violence, the Government of Uganda (GoU) is offering refugee status on a prima facia basis.

  • UNICEF has conducted mass immunization campaigns protecting 34,000 children against measles and polio, provided clean water for 12,000

  • In response to a meningitis outbreak in two districts in West Nile, UNICEF has procured vaccines and sent resources and supplies for a mass vaccination campaign to the District Health Office. The campaign will begin this week.

  • Preliminary findings from a UNICEF supported nutrition survey were released this week and show high levels of malnutrition: SAM (4.5%), GAM (19.9%) and 56.4% of mothers were found to be underweight.

  • UNICEF was able to rapidly dispatch supplies and kick-start life-saving interventions with an internal Emergency Programme Fund (EPF) loan. However, funding is urgently needed to support a range of interventions including education in emergencies, child protection, and nutrition.