Uganda: Fresh flooding looms in Teso

Richard Otim

Soroti - Barely a year since last year's floods rescinded in Teso, the heavens have broken loose once again bringing back harrowing memories of the last disaster.

Several parts of the region are already experiencing first-round effects of the rains similar to those that preceded the floods last year. "There are already signs that some parts of the region will again suffer like last year," Soroti District chairperson Stephen Ochola said.

Communities living along the marshy areas surrounding Kyoga and Bisina lakes have particularly been affected by the rains. The unusually prolonged spell of rain has also affected most feeder roads in the sub region rendering transport a nightmare.

Low lying bridges have been crossed by running waters putting pedestrians, especially school going children at risk of drowning. In Soroti, the sub-counties of Kateta, Pingire, and Bugondo are already sending in emergency appeals.

"I have already received reports from the grassroots but the Office of the Prime Minister which is charged with the mandate on disaster should come and verify the facts," Mr Ochola said. State Minister for Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Musa Ecweru said the government would soon issued an alert to road users.

"I don't think it will be as serious as it was last year but the government will certainly embark on major repairs of the roads that have been damaged," Mr Ecweru said.