Uganda: Flooding hits Moyo sub county

The Uganda Red Cross Society, Moyo Branch conducted an assessment on 5th November to establish the number of people affected by floods in Koch central village, Waka parish, Itula Sub County.

The flooding resulted from heavy downpour and the opening of a feeder road that connects Itula Sub County with Koch Boma village without a proper plan. Koch Boma is also in Itula Sub County but it is situated a River Koch.

Flooding has led to the collapse of houses and pit latrines and the destruction of gardens. Water sources have also been contaminated posing a threat of disease outbreak.

According to the assessment, the houses that did not collapse are dump and people can hardly sleep there.

So far a total of 62 households with a population of 301 people have been affected.

There is a serious health threat as the only health centre Grade II in Waka Parish has also been submerged in water and staff have abandoned work.