Uganda: Flash Floods & Landslides - Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA), DREF Operation) n° MDRUG046


A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

On 30th July 2022, eastern Uganda received 10 hours of continuous heavy rains in the Elgon region causing floods in the districts of Mbale, Kapchorwa, Bulambuli, Bukedea, Butaleja Sironko, and landslides in Bududa.

The flooding led to loss of 21 lives in Mbale and 3 lives in Kapchorwa districts respectively with an unknown number of livestock lost. Further, the flooding left a trail of destruction to homesteads, schools, government and social institutions, damage to vehicles and displacement of thousands of people from their homes. Those displaced populations are currently in host-families within safer zones in the neighborhood while others are currently living at established temporary internally displaced persons camps in nearby primary schools. Bridges have been cut off and roads filled with debris limiting the delivery of needed humanitarian assistance and effective search and rescue. Four health centres have been submerged while the remaining ones are not accessible, and people travel long distances to access health care.

The weather forecast by the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) for the Elgon region for August 2022 has projected enhanced rains for the region with the possibility for the flooding challenges to continue.

In recent years, flood disaster occurrences in Uganda have become more frequent, particularly in the low-lying and builtup urban areas in the Eastern and South-western regions as well as in the areas near major water bodies of Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, and Lake Albert that were affected by flash-floods due to rising water levels. These flood events are causing more devastating effects. The high concentration of people in large cities is promoting the uncontrolled expansion of construction. Generally, June, July, and August are the wettest months in Uganda, and the situation is expected to worsen as the rainy season continues until the end of August 2022.