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Uganda: Emergency Update on the South Sudan Refugee Situation - Inter-Agency Weekly | 15th – 21st February 2017



  • The rate of new arrivals in to Uganda remains very high, with a total of 9,568 South Sudanese refugees received in Uganda between the 15th and 21st of February, although this is a decrease from the 13,092 new arrivals reported in the previous week. This brings the total new arrivals in February to 56,087.
    The average daily rate of new arrivals this week was 1,367.

  • Refugees arriving in Uganda, the majority of whom are women and children, report general insecurity, limited access to food and basic services, violence, rape and abuse of women and girls, arbitrary detention and indiscriminate killing and destruction of property by armed forces as reasons for fleeing their homes in South Sudan.

  • The majority of refugees continue to arrive into Uganda through informal border points, with some arriving in Uganda through the DR Congo to avoid roadblocks that have allegedly been set up by armed groups along the main roads to the border to prevent civilians from leaving.

  • Relocation of new arrivals to Imvempi settlement in Arua district commenced on 21st February, with 996 refugees relocated to the reception centre on the first day.

  • Palorinya settlement has reached its capacity and is no longer receiving new arrivals. Level II registration activities have been completed across all zones of the settlement, and 43,101 individuals have been biometrically registered and issued documentation by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

  • In Yumbe district, maintenance, stabilisation and development of Bidibidi Settlement area are now a priority. Livelihood activities are increasing, access to safe water and health facilities has improved and efforts are underway to build more sustainable structures to replace the older emergency shelters and improve living conditions for the refugee population.

  • Four mobile health clinics were dispatched to improve health outreach services in Palorinya settlement.