Uganda: Emergency Update on the South Sudan Refugee Situation Inter-Agency Daily #20 | 5th August 2016

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 05 Aug 2016


  • Thousands of refugees continue to flee in to Uganda from South Sudan on a daily basis. Yesterday, 2,308 refugees were confirmed as crossing.

  • Uganda is now hosting more South Sudanese refugees than any other country, followed by second largest asylum country Ethiopia. In the region, current likely scenarios anticipate 973,000 South Sudanese refugees to have sought safety in neighbouring countries by the end of the year.

  • Yesterday, 1,087 refugees crossed in to Uganda using the Elegu border point (Adjumani/Yumbe axis), 60 in Lamwo and 292 in Oraba (Arua axis), while 896 were received at Kiryandongo Reception Centre.

  • Refugees from Yei report that anonymous letters are being circulated announcing that fighting will begin in three days. Refugees arriving in Elegu report that armed groups are looting properties and attacking civilians in Juba. The violence is also reportedly beginning to spread to other parts of the country. Others report that roadblocks, manned by armed groups, continue to be in place on the Juba to Nimule road, the main road to Uganda. These groups are reporting robbing civilians attempting to flee to Uganda and are demanding money in order for people to be allowed to pass. New arrivals from Moli, Eastern Equatoria report that a new armed group had arrived in the area and has been attacking civilians.

  • In Elegu, 63 children arrived who had been separated from their parents.

  • Close attention is being paid to malnutrition levels as a result of the reported limited food supply in South Sudan. Currently, malnutrition remains below critical levels: Global Acute Malnutrition is at 6.8%, within the 10% emergency standard, while Severe Acute Malnutrition is at 2%. Ongoing screening for malnutrition is taking place for new arrivals while supplementary food programmes are in place for those found to be suffering from malnutrition.

  • 837 refugees were relocated from Adjumani and Moyo districts to the recently-opened Bidibidi settlement area in Yumbe district. 882 refugees who had been moved to settlement area the previous day were provided with plots of land and materials with which to build their new homes. The reception process at Bidibidi settlement is working as planned, with very short stays at the reception centre.


Number of new arrivals on Thursday 4th August (as per field reports)

Number of new arrivals since 1st July 2016 (as per field reports)

Number of new arrivals since 7th July 2016 (as per field reports)

33,838 *
Number of new arrivals registered since 1st January in Uganda (RIMS) (as of end of June)

229,176 *
Total number of South Sudanese refugees registered in Uganda (RIMS) (as of end of June)

*Figures (not updated daily) according to Uganda Government Refugee Information Management System (RIMS)


  • Rapid relocation of new arrivals from reception facilities to newly opened Yumbe settlement.

  • Improving capacity and conditions at reception facilities.