Uganda e-Health Bulletin, April 2016 - Issue 1

from Government of Uganda
Published on 30 Apr 2016 View Original

eHealth Policy Formulation

The World Health Organisation defines ehealth as the combined use of electronic Communication and information technology in the health sector.In practical terms e-health is the means of ensuring that the right health information is provided to the right person at the right place and time in a secure, electronic form to support the delivery of quality and effecient healthcare.

In Uganda, health information is collected and disseminated through radio, television, telephone, computer, portable disc players, internet and other digital technologies. These channels enable services such as mobile telephony, text messaging, teleconferencing, electronic mail and video-conferencing to facilitate delivery of health care services. In 2005, the World Health Assembly (WHA) recognized eHealth as the way to achieve cost-effective and secure use of information technologies (ICTs) for health and related fields.

The WHA urged member states to consider drawing up long term strategic plans for developing and implementing e-Health services and infrastructure in their health sectors.