Uganda: Disease outbreak in Bundibugyo confirmed as Ebola

from Government of Uganda
Published on 29 Nov 2007
The Ministry of Health would like to inform the general public that the mysterious disease outbreak in Bundibugyo has now been confirmed to be Ebola disease. So far, a cumulative total of 51 cases have been reported in the sub counties of Bubukwanga and Kasitu of whom 16 have died.

The Ministry of health is working with all stakeholders and partners to contain the situation. The following measures have been taken:

- A National Response plan has been developed.

- A response team which has been working with the district is being strengthened to conduct case management, contact tracing and public education.

- The initial supplies and drugs for case management have been mobilized and isolation facilities are already operational in Bundibugyo Hospital and Kikyo Health center.

- All close contacts of the suspected cases are being closely followed up.

All District Health Officers are urged to be on the alert and immediately report any suspected cases. The public is urged to report to health facilities suspected cases reporting with the following symptoms: Very high fever, diarrhoea, vomiting associated with red eyes and a measles-like rash.

Ebola is spread by close contact with body fluids of infected persons or people who have died of Ebola. Anybody handling suspected cases must use appropriate protective wear.

The Ministry of Health would like to assure the public that appropriate measures are being taken to stop any further spread of the disease.

Dr. Sam Zaramba