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Uganda CO South Sudanese, Burundi and DRC Refugees, Internal Displacement and Disease Outbreaks Situation Report, May 2016

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  • Go Back to School (GBS) campaigns have started in the eight sub counties of Arua and seven sub counties of Adjumani in preparation for second term which starts early June 2016.

  • UNICEF supported the installation of six solar suitcases in six health facilities in transit as well as refugee settlements in Isingiro district to provide sufficient lighting in the operation theatre, delivery rooms and maternity wards.

  • The Ministry of Health, with support from UNICEF, WHO and other partners successfully carried out a reactive vaccination campaign in Masaka and Rukungiri districts from 19-22 May in an effort to interrupt transmission of Yellow Fever disease. The campaign reached 267,424 and 304,605 people in Masaka and Rukungiri respectively (92 per cent coverage).

  • UNICEF’s education response remains underfunded with only 7 per cent of humanitarian funding needs received. Due to a lack of funding, UNICEF is unable to meet the current education needs of over 30,000 young and adolescent children.

  • Some 561,000 children (18.7 per cent) under the age of five are amongst more than three million people at risk of malaria, in an outbreak that has been characterized by chronicity despite interventions running over more than a year now.