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Uganda: Bidibidi Settlement, Yumbe - UNHCR Operational Update, 14 October 2016



  • 269,936 No of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda from in 2016 (1 January – 14 October)

  • 220,268 No of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda from 1 July – 14 October

  • 481,627 No. of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda (source: Government of Uganda, Refugee Information Management System [RIMS] added to the refugee population registered manually since 1 July.)

  • 144,701 No. of South Sudanese refugees in Yumbe (3 August – 14 October)

  • 2,184 Average daily arrival of SSD refugee into Uganda since 7 July 2016


  • Explore additional sources of water to ensure an adequate and sustainable supply of water in Bidibidi.

  • Expand and develop new areas of Bidibidi to receive additional refugees from South Sudan.

  • Strengthen capacity of Protection partners for a more robust response to a growing number of refugees.


  • Between 1 – 14 October 31,951 refugees from South Sudan arrived in Uganda reflecting an average daily rate of 2,282 individuals. This shows a decrease in numbers compared to the first 14 days of Sept., when 44,602 refugees arrived at an average daily rate of 3,186 individuals. A total of 218,982 refugees have arrived in Uganda between 7 July and 14 October.

  • From 1 – 14 October, 6,422 refugees arrived in Ocea Reception Center/Rhino Camp; among these 4,441 individuals were relocation by UNHCR/OPM from Oraba-Kulubo and 1,981 arrived spontaneously. During the same period in September, 12,708 refugees arrived in Ocea/Rhino; 8,364 person through UNHCR/OPM relocation and 4,344 spontaneously.

  • Deterioration of the security situation in South Sudan, road blocks and continued fighting and violence against civilian populations has forced many refugees to hide in the bush as they make their way to the SSD – Uganda border often entering through unofficial border points. A small number of refugees also travel through DRC to reach safety in Uganda.

South Sudanese Refugee Population in Uganda: 481,627