Third disaster in one year to hit Mbale, Uganda

The people of Uganda's Mbale district have endured a tough year having been hit by three disasters, including a cyclone, flooding and now severe storm damage.

Earlier this month, torrential rains swept houses away in Namabasa parish in Nakaloke sub country, Mbale district, leaving over 1,000 people homeless and injuring 12.

In just one hour the heavy rains and strong winds destroyed churches, a mosque, a health centre and schools. Almost 2,000 students have been taking their classes under trees.

Yusufu Lusala lost her home in the storm and sustained several injuries. Her child broke her arm. They had been living outside until they received a ShelterBox.

The Rotary club of Mbale and local aid agency Volunteer to Support Children have been distributing ShelterBoxes prepositioned in Mbale from the previous two disasters to families in need, like Yusufu.

'I appreciate the assistance from ShelterBox and Rotary who have changed my family's life,' said Yusufu. 'We can begin to rebuild and enjoy life a bit again now we have shelter and other things to use at home.'

'Begin again'

John Kabosi and his family were also left with nothing after the storm:

'It's been difficult living outside with nothing and depending on other neighbours for help. My family and I are grateful to ShelterBox, which has given us a new life and we can begin again.'

ShelterBox's relationships with Mbale's Rotary club and Volunteer to Support Children have been cemented by them working together on previous disaster responses this year.

'Thanks to our partnerships with Volunteer to Support Children and the Rotary club of Mbale, we have been able to help communities who have sadly been affected by disaster several times this year quickly and effectively, bringing them hope and a future,' said ShelterBox operations coordinator Alice Jefferson (UK).


Abraham Namugowa, the President of Mbale's Rotary Club, said: 'For and on behalf of Rotary, the Disaster Committee and the entire community of Namabasa, I would like to register our sincere thanks and gratitude to ShelterBox for supporting our community as such a critical moment of need by providing ShelterBoxes to the most vulnerable families affected by the storm.'