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Responding to Refugee Crises - Lessons from Evaluations in Ethiopia and Uganda as Countries of Destination


A tale of two countries: Different pathways towards refugee self-reliance

The vast majority of refugees are hosted in developing countries, and Africa is the region with the highest refugee population. Conflict and food insecurity in countries in the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes Region, as well as in South Sudan and Yemen have contributed to large refugee populations in Ethiopia and Uganda. Both Ethiopia and Uganda are attempting to deal with these sizable refugee populations and ongoing influxes of refugees. Donors have provided assistance to both countries to support development and each host government’s ability to assist refugees.

This case study looks at efforts by the international community to support the approaches adopted in Ethiopia and Uganda towards refugee self-reliance. It compares outcomes in the countries, with a specific focus on access to employment and business creation. The case study draws from a number of evaluations and recent reports.