Reaching Hands December 2012: The Gift of Health for Women

from Medical Teams International
Published on 05 Dec 2012 View Original

In this issue

Life of Women in Nakivale, Uganda.
MTI Director of International Programs, Disaster Relief reports on the struggle thousands of women face in the Nakivale refugee camp where MTI is providing care.

Meet Patricia.
Midwife Patricia is working to keep mothers safe and healthy. Learn about her and her work for Medical Teams International in Uganda in this video.

Safe Motherhood in South Sudan.
Anna Summer, MTI Africa Health Advisor reports on how community health workers are helping ensure safe motherhood.

Healthy Moms in Uzbekistan.
Dave Beltz describes how our distribution of 10,000 bottles of donated prenatal vitamins are improving lives of women in Uzbekistan.

Growing Strong.
Connie Cummings, East Asia Program Manager, tells the story of how Kasihnia, an Indonesian mother of three, has benefited from MTI's community health program for gardening.