Napak Drought Bulletin January 2013



The overall district was said to be in Alert this month from Normal last month since the livelihood, water and livestock sectors are in Alert, the crop sector also on Alert in agro pastoral zone and only Normal in agricultural zone. The livestock sector is on Alert across the two livelihood zones. This was attributed to the frequent outbreak of CBPP among cattle, tick-borne diseases remained a problem to most livestock farmers. The crop sector remained normal across agricultural livelihood zone because of the fairly good harvest, while Alert in Agro pastoral zone because of the food deficit. The water sector was in Alert. This situation is attributed to borehole breakdowns, the livelihood sector remained on Alert this month. This was attributed to the alarming level of global acute malnutrition at 12%. The districts of Napak and Kotido are expected to continue experiencing normal dry conditions up to the end of February 2013 and this is making the risk of drought to be low.