Nakapiripirit Drought Bulletin December 2011

Situation Report
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The month of December experienced minimal rains which confirm the establishment of the dry season and the current situation is likely to persist in January as predicted by the department of meteorology. This is further confirmed by the change in the vegetation condition with most of the trees especially Neem and Desert dates turning yellow and shading off their leaves, a sign that the dry spell is immanent. The month was also characterized by limited agriculture activity; all households had finished harvesting and stocking their product. The average yield remained unchanged as observed earlier in October, however, the agriculture department emphasized that this season experienced 11.2% increase in total crop acreage as compared to the previous season.

The month also revealed a variety of coping mechanisms adopted by communities; a high number of households slaughtered and consumed weak and old animals because of the festive season. Pastoral communities continued to loop trees, make hay and split herds as they prepare for the dry season. It is also observed that communities are expected to adopt more coping mechanisms as the dry spell takes course.