Museveni orders landslide victims to relocate from disaster-prone areas

from Monitor-Uganda
Published on 11 Dec 2019 View Original

By DAMALI MUKHAYE President Museveni yesterday faulted Ugandans that have settled in wetlands and other disaster-prone areas and ordered that they vacate to safe areas.

Mr Museveni, who condoled with families of the deceased, announced that they are considering compensating the victims with cash to expedite the evacuation process.

“These losses, on account of floods and landslides, are, mainly, due to the mistake of insisting on settling in areas that logic and God did not intend for human habitation,” President Museveni said in a statement.

“These are the wetlands and steep mountains of 31-32 per cent gradient or more than that. All people in such areas should accept resettlement as we have done with the previous Bududa victims that are now settled in Bulambuli District,” he said.

He reminded those cultivating in wetlands to switch to fish-farming “as we have done in Limoto Wetland, Pallisa District.”

President Museveni yesterday delivered the message to Ugandans via his Facebook page upon his return from Nairobi, Kenya, where he had gone to attend the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Group of States Summit.