Moroto Drought Bulletin January 2013

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The district remained on ALERT across the 2 livelihood zones; this is majorly attributed to the high prevalence of endemic diseases (CBPP, CCPP, Tick borne, sporadic diseases like worm infestations, Newcastle disease, and emerging diseases like PPR and Brucellosis, Alert disease like FMD, Avian influenza and RVF) in the livestock sector. However, mass vaccination is planned form 25th February 2013 by MAAIF and the district. The crop sector remained Normal in pastoral zones because of the good purchasing power from the sale of livestock and Alert in Agro pastoral zone because of the food deficit in the zone. The water sector was Normal in the month of December across the 2 livelihood zones, this was attributed to the training of water user committee to help in the management of water points. The livelihood sector remained on ALERT in the 2 livelihood zones, this is attributed to the high price of sorghum and the household protection deficit in agro pastoral zone. The risk of drought is Low since the weather forecast predicts that the ongoing weather conditions (irregular rains) over Moroto districts are expected to continue up to the third week of February 2013, thereafter, a dry spell is expected to set-in and continue up to the end of February 2013.