Moroto Drought Bulletin December 2011

Situation Report
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December was generally dry with mostly bush fires immanent in several parts of the district. Neem trees and desert dates were both becoming yellow and shading off leaves. No appearance of mushrooms and mosses were reported during the month. The prediction from the Meteorological Department mentioned that overall there are high chances for below normal conditions over several parts of the district. The calves’ mortality and abortion rates increased due to the prevalent livestock diseases especially CBPP and stress because animals move to far grazing areas to access pastures and water. The time spent to access grazing areas increased with most of the herds taking 2-6 hours to access grazing areas compared to the previous month where they took less than 1 hour to access grazing land because of depletion of pastures in the nearby grazing areas. The water quantity at households increased from 67L to 90L per household since households have to store more water for domestic use.