Measles outbreak hits Butebo, Mbale districts

from Monitor-Uganda
Published on 13 Mar 2018 View Original


Health officials in Butebo and Mbale Districts have announced an outbreak of Measles.
The acting Butebo District Health Officer, Dr Nathan Tibako, said on Tuesday that the airborne disease had been confirmed in 44 people after laboratory tests were done in February this year.

“We have embarked on massive community sensitization and immunization of mostly children from five months to five years to avoid further spread,” he said.
He said four new cases were registered at Galimagi community health centre, one of the centres handling patients with symptoms of measles.
The most affected villages in the district are Kashebai, Kanyum, Petete, Kachecha and Kachulu.

“The district and the ministry of health are collaborating to carry out a mini-campaign against the disease and the program will be rolled out in the entire district because it is worsening,” Dr Tibako said.
He added that patients are suffering from measles present symptoms such as high fever, whooping cough, red swelling eyelids, muscle and body aches, irritability, a running nose, water eyes and rashes.

In Mbale, the District Health Officer (DHO), Dr Jonathan Maasa Wangisi told Daily Monitor that measles had already been confirmed in 12 people after laboratory tests were done.
He said the district is undertaking a number of measures to control the spread of the disease including sensitizing public about the signs, symptoms and dangers of the disease and under taking immunization programme of children.

“We appeal to parents to take their unvaccinated children under five years of age for immunization to the nearest health facilities,” Dr Wangisi said.
Measles is an airborne disease that affects mainly children aged between six months and 10 years of age although it can also affect adults.

Measles is a highly contagious infectious disease caused by the measles virus.