Landslides kill 1,000 in Bugisu over the past decade

from Monitor-Uganda
Published on 06 Dec 2019 View Original


A t least 1,000 people have reportedly been killed by landslides in Bugisu Sub-region over the past 10 years, an average of 100 people killed every month, Daily Monitor has established.

Out of the 1,000 deaths, 70 per cent were registered in Bududa District. In 2010 for instance, more than 100 people were confirmed dead and 350 feared dead. They have not been accounted for to date. They were killed in a landslide in Nametsi Village in Bukalasi Sub-county, Bududa, and more than 5,000 others were displaced.

Mr Robert Tukei, the Elgon police spokesperson, said the figure could be higher because some of the victims are never accounted for. “It could reach 1,000 people if we count from 2010 because apart from those whose bodies are found, others remain unaccounted for,” he said, adding that he needs to find out the exact figure.

Mr Wilson Watira, the Bududa chairperson, said his district is the most affected. “Bududa has the highest number of people who have died due to landslides and more 5,000 households are still at higher risk,” he said. In June 2012, another landslide occurred in Namaga and Bunakasala villages in Bumwalukani Sub-county in Bududa, leaving about 450 people reportedly dead and property, including houses, destroyed and livestock killed.

In October 2018, 42 people were reportedly killed and more than 500 people displaced in Suume Village in Bukalasi Sub-county in Bududa. In August 2017, a landslide hit Bufupa parish in Masaba Sub-county in Sironko District, killing seven people and displacing hundreds.

In June this year, a landslide occurred in Buwali Sub-county, leaving five people dead and more than 400 displaced in Bududa. Multiple landslides occurred on Tuesday in Sironko and Bududa districts, killing eight people and displacing hundreds.