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Just Justice? New paper series reflects on international justice in Africa

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IRRI today launched a discussion paper series entitled "Just Justice? Civil society, international justice and the search for accountability in Africa". The series will reflect local perspectives on international justice as it is being experienced in Africa. It aims to deepen the debate around a series of key questions and controversies facing the realisation of international justice, anchored in reflections from the ground, including local, national, regional and continental civil society.

The paper series seeks to contribute to addressing this lacuna by encouraging honest, open and thoughtful debates about the impact of international justice on the ground on the continent. The series opens with a reflection on the impact of the ICC’s intervention in Uganda and the impact that this had on civil society and the political impact in Uganda more broadly. Titled "A Poisoned Chalice? Local civil society and the International Criminal Court’s engagement in Uganda", the paper reflects on the ICC’s engagement in Uganda through the lens of the author’s experience working with one of the largest national civil society organisations in Uganda at the time when the investigations was first announced and the first arrest warrants were issued.