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Inter-Agency Situation Report - Uganda Refugee Emergency (5 – 11 August 2022)


The situation along the Bunagana border is calm but unpredictable. New arrivals continue to cross into Uganda through Kibaya border and many sleep around Busanza and Bunagana town in Uganda. Some of the asylum-seekers return to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to check on their homes, farms and pick food.

Out of the estimated 42,723 new arrivals received in Kisoro since 28 March, 13,923 individuals have been relocated to settlements, 11,696 are spontaneous departures from the holding area and transit centre, while 16,697 are still living in the two locations.

The holding capacity at Nyakabande transit centre, Kisoro district, is overstretched by over 100 per cent.
Its initial capacity is 7,200 but the center currently hosts 16,697individuals. Bubukwanga transit centre, Bundibugyo district has 1,316 individuals (449 households).

Other overstrained locations include, Lokung collection point in Lamwodistrict (over 400%), Kagomareception centre in Kikuube district(67%) and Kabazana reception centre in Isingiro district (80%).