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Inter-Agency Situation Report - Uganda Refugee Emergency, 17 - 23 June 2022


The conflict in North Kivu and Ituri provinces in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues. The situation remains unpredictable along the Kisoro border. There continues to be reports of fighting in the Bunagana area. Congolese nationals are still camped within Bunagana and surrounding areas.

New arrivals received since 28 March are in addition to nearly 20,00 individuals who arrived from DRC and South Sudan since January 2022. Out of the 33,225 new arrivals received in Kisoro since 28 March, 9,460 individuals remain at the holding area and transit centre as of 23 June 2022. A total of 433 (182 households) individuals have been registered and are ready for relocation from Kisoro to Nakivale refugee settlement. The reception centre receiving new arrivals in Nakivale is over capacity by 100 percent, with 2,352 individuals.

Biometric registration of all individuals at the holding area started on 17 June and is expected to be completed by 01 July 2022. This will allow for easy identification of the individuals staying there, support planning as well as management of assistance distribution. A total of 3,901 (2,294 females; 1,607 males) individuals (838 households) have so far been registered.