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Government Distributes 7,000 Beds and Mattresses to Health Facilities Country wide

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Under the National Minimum Health Care Package, the Government of Uganda is committed to improving health services in the country through provision of necessary equipment to health facilities. Over the years, the Ministry of Health has continued to procure this equipment and distributed it to various health facilities depending on their levels.

In 2013, the parliamentary committee on health assessed the general condition of health facilities across the country and found that a number of health facilities in the country lacked mattresses hence failing the sector's mission of delivering the Minimum Health Care Package. It is against this background that the Ministry of Health committed itself to providing beds and mattresses to address the gaps in the various health facilities with collaboration with the District Health Officers.

So, now as promised earlier, the Ministry of Health is distributing a total of 7,000 beds and mattresses to health facilities across the country. Theses beds and mattresses are meant to bridge the gap that was previously identified in the different health facilities. The public facilities in Uganda are categorized in a manner consistent with the type and range of services they provide. They range from hospitals where a variety of health services are provided including management of complex health conditions from Regional Referral Hospitals, General Hospitals down to Health Centers IV, III, II and I. Health Center I's are basically community based and have no physical structures in place. They depend on volunteers who facilitate health promotion and provision within the communities. Each hospital will receive a certain number of beds depending on the gap identified and the level of service care offered.

The mattresses are a donation from the People's Republic of China as a way of improving health service delivery in the country.

With this new addition, the Government will be able to meet 100% mattress needs for General Hospitals and Health Center IVs. Every patient who reports to a health facility will therefore have access to a mattress once admitted.