Good Neighbors launched GBV protection program for DRC refugees in Uganda

from Good Neighbors International
Published on 11 Feb 2019

Continuous ethnic and political conflicts in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have caused massive displacement of populations within the region. Nearly 814,975 refugees and asylum seekers from DRC fled to the neighboring countries including Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Uganda has hosted the enormous number of refugees and asylum seekers of DRC as of 31 December 2018.

The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), formally launched in March 2017, embraces existing initiatives, mechanisms and policies seeking to address the needs of refugee and host communities in Uganda. Uganda’s favorable protection environment for refugees allows freedom of movement, the right to work, establish a business, own property and access national services, including primary and secondary education and health care.

Good Neighbors International (GNI) has launched its DRC refugee response program to Uganda in 2018, especially in GBV sectors. GNI started its intervention in Kyaka II refugee settlement, which has nearly 800,000 refugees in Kyegegwa district in south western Uganda. To fill the gap found in the sector GNI distributed 8,500 dignity kits for the women and girls in the area and schools, constructed 2 women development centers (1 newly built, and 1 renovated) and hosted GBV conferences with community, religious and women leaders from host community and refugees as a part of 16 days of activism campaign. This program is available in generous partnership with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Humanitarian Partnership program.

GNI will extend its effort for DRC refugees and host community population especially women and girls suffering from various forms of gender based violence in 2019.

GNI is an international humanitarian and development organisation. It has made great strides in its mission by providing people around the world with a better quality of life since its establishment in Korea, 1991. GNI was granted General Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC in 1996 and acknowledged its contribution and granted the “MDGs Award” in 2007.