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Good Neighbors International provides facial masks to the vulnerable in the Uganda refugee camp

Good Neighbors International has supported SGBV and women’s empowerment project in Kyaka Refugee camp, Uganda. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Good Neighbors provides face masks, made by the refugee women, to the most vulnerable people in the refugee camp.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the livelihood of refugees has become more difficult and is in danger of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shortage. In order to support the refugees, Good Neighbors International hires refugee women who have skills in tailoring to make masks and distributes them to the vulnerable in the camp. As regards, 2800 beneficiaries received two pieces of reusable face masks. At the same time, the hired refugee women were able to earn money.

More than 380,000 Congolese refugees and asylum seekers which account for 43.7% of the total Congolese refugees are registered in Uganda. They are in needs of multi-disciplinary support such as SGBV prevention, advocacy for children, youth and women, social/economic support and empowerment, and financial services. In the sense of necessity, Good Neighbors International provides community-based protection services including SGBV prevention and advocacy projects, women-friendly centers, psychological-emotional support programs, and economic empowerments.

In coordination with UNHCR, 2020 Project of Good Neighbors International is focused on the refugee women’s empowerment and reduction of the SGBV risk in the refugee camp. Total of 685 direct beneficiaries are expected to be supported by the project from February to December 2020.

Good Neighbors International is an international humanitarian and development organization. It has made great strides in its mission by providing people around the world with a better quality of life since its establishment in Korea, 1991. GNI was granted General Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC in 1996 and acknowledged its contribution and granted the “MDGs Award” in 2007.