Food Security Outlook April to September 2011

Situation Report
Originally published


• The performance of the first season rains (March‐July) has been mixed, with significantly below‐average rainfall in Acholi and West Nile, and near‐normal rainfall in the rest of the country. The below‐normal rains have delayed planting in northern Uganda, raising concerns of possible deterioration in food security levels beyond June.

• The continued closure of livestock markets in Amudat and Nakapiripirit has increased the use of firewood and charcoal sales as a coping strategy. Increased firewood and charcoal on the market has caused their prices to fall.

• Generally, prices of staples have continued to increase and remain above the 2010 and five‐year average levels, reducing access for poor households who depend on the markets for a large portion of their food needs. The observed price trend is expected to persist until June/July, when the first season harvest is due and supplies to markets increase.