Floods leave hundreds homeless in eastern Uganda

By Benjamin Jumbe

Hundreds of people have been left homeless in Butaleja and Bulambuli districts in eastern Uganda following ongoing heavy rains.

The rains that have been pounding various parts of the country almost on a daily have seen several houses collapse and many submerged in water.

According to the Uganda Red cross Society spokesperson Irene Nakasiita, an assessment conducted by the humanitarian movement shows that many houses are submerged in water and Lelesi Bridge almost washed away as many roads are cut off.

“Butaleja alone has 650 households affected. So tonight we shall have some people sleeping outside and in the neighbourhoods,” Ms Nakasiita said.

She added that in Bulambuli, over 1,000 people have been affected with some of the most affected sub counties being Bulambuli Town Council, Nabongo, Siimu, Great Bukhalu, Bunalwire and Bwanyanga.

“Floods have affected about 150 households in Bulambuli, leaving 1,000 people homeless,” Ms Nakasiita added.

Three schools in Bulambuli have also been submerged and these are Bunabwire, Buwasheba and Bulengeni primary schools,” She added.

Ms Nakasiita said the organisation’s assessment teams continue monitoring and assessing the situation to ascertain the exact extend of the damages and people affected.

The commissioner disaster preparedness in the office of the Prime Minister Martin Owor observed that this is not the first time the area is experiencing floods.

He added that government had alerted the affected people.

“Yes there are floods, and some houses have collapsed but we mapped all these areas and alerted everybody,” Commissioner Owor said on Saturday.

He said government intends to extend relief to those communities affected on Monday next week.

He, however, advised those who have been displaced to find safe places for temporary shelter. “Those affected should move to safe places like churches, schools and homes of relatives in safer places,” Commissioner Owor advised.