Floods in Kasese

from Uganda Red Cross
Published on 02 May 2013 View Original

Kasese was on Wednesday hit by floods following a heavy down pour that led to River Nyamwamba banks bursting. Four people died in Kanyaruboga cell, Bulembia division when their houses collapsed on them after heavy floods hit the area.

Uganda Red Cross Society team from Kasese branch conducted a rapid assessment to assess the situation. The Red Cross Action Teams are continuing to conduct a detailed assessment to establish the actual number of people affected and immediate needs.

Kasese Branch Manager Habai Everest identified Bulembia and Nyakasanja divisions as the most affected. The rapid assessments indicate about 432 families affected although this is to be confirmed in a URCS detailed assessment that is on-going.

URCS and OPM plan a joint response of the affected victims. Reports from Kasese Branch indicate that upper part of Bulemia division is still flooded and inaccessible while in the lower part of Nyambwa division, water is now flowing.