Financial Literacy Training in Uganda's Refugee Response - A Learning Brief



The March 2021 research and learning consultation with the Cash Working Group (CWG) - cochaired by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the World Food Programme (WFP) - highlighted the need for in-country learning and exchange on financial inclusion. Following this, U-Learn and the CWG, have been collaborating on a Financial Inclusion Learning Review series to increase the uptake of evidence and good practices on financial inclusion (FI) in the Ugandan refugee response.

The first Learning Review, on Financial Literacy Training (FLT), started in July 2021 by gathering existing evidence and speaking with practitioners.

The desk review sourced and summarised over 30 publications and resources (private and public) to understand the context and background of the operating environment. Primary data was collected through key informant interviews to supplement and complement the desk review and specifically get a solid understanding of the realities on the ground. Areas of focus included, if, how, why and when they implemented their FLT, and to whom, what lessons they have learned over the course of their service delivery, what gaps they have identified and how they think the landscape can be improved.

A discussion paper was then produced to provide an analytical overview of the FLT landscape in the refugee response in Uganda and proposing key areas for the discussion that took place at the learning discussion, attended by over 50 actors, on the 15th September, 2021.

The current results of the process are reflected in this learning brief. However, this does not signify an end to the Learning Review process; indeed, many pieces – such as harmonising FLT practices through the recently established a FLT sub-working group, an in-depth look at Digital FLT, and documenting some of the good practices that were identified as part of the Learning Review - are ongoing and will continue in 2022.