Field Survey and Analysis: Survey of Local partner Organisations Providing Humanitarian Aid in Uganda




This report analyses how local partner organisations in Uganda view their relationship with United Nations agencies and international non-governmental organisations (INGOs). It is based on survey instruments sent to the local counterparts of four UN agencies and three INGOS working in Uganda. The surveys are designed to shed light on moves towards the localisation of humanitarian assistance, which is the second of the 10 goals set out in the Grand Bargain.

The online survey was shared by the international agencies with the designated focal points in their partner organisations. Twenty-one local organisations participated in the survey and their responses went directly to Ground Truth Solutions for analysis.
The data is an aggregate of all responses from participating organisations. When drawing conclusions from the findings, it is important to bear in mind that responses differ significantly from one organisation to another.

Summary of local partners' views

Relationship quality

• Very satisfied with the respect accorded to them by their international partners (Q6) and their understanding of the local context in which they operate (Q5).

• Appreciative of the efforts made by their international counterparts to listen and respond to their questions and concerns (Q3).

Capacity building

• Positive about the help provided to improve their technical abilities (Q1c), monitoring and evaluation skills (Q1e), participatory approaches (Q1d), strategic planning (Q1g), management (Q1a) and financial skills (Q1b).

• Least satisfied with the support they receive to strengthen their communication strategies (Q1h) and improve long-term planning (Q1f).

Financial support

• Positive about the contributions international organisations make to their core costs (Q4).

• Least satisfied with the flexibility of the funding (Q2) received from international partners when confronted with changing circumstances.


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