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Ebola outbreak in West Africa – Uganda takes action



Three countries of West Africa, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra leon have for the last four months been devastated by an outbreak of Ebola epidemic. As of July 27th, there were 1,323 registered cases including 729 deaths.

The epidemic has since spilled over to Nigeria and we have just received information of a new unconfirmed case in Nairobi, Kenya. This outbreak affected Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia hence the escalating cases and the transmission by international travellers. This has caused panic among Ugandans with a fear that Ebola could spread to Uganda.

The Government of Uganda therefore wishes to clarify on the following;

There is no confirmed case of Ebola in Uganda. Media reports of reported case in Kitgum and Kampala districts are false. Any reported case will be investigated promptly and the public will; be informed.

I wish to reaffirm that no case has been reported in the country since the outbreak was declared in West Africa. Our National Taskforce on Epidemics and Disease Surveillance is on alert to watch out on any Ebola alerts throughout the county.

The Ministry of Health will regularly update the country on the outbreak.