Child Protection Sub Working Group Uganda: Business Continuity Plan – COVID-19 (Updated 3 September 2020)

Manual and Guideline
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1. Objective and scope

The Child Protection Sub Working Group’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) outlines critical child protection activities during the COVID-19 situation. It also classifies the different program criticality levels and determines which activities will continue to be implemented when the BCP is activated, which ones will be halted, and which ones will be continued with amended implementation modalities. The guidelines also outline measures to be implemented to amend the case management process, to mitigate related risks to both Persons of Concerns (PoCs) and Child Protection actors, aiming at the continuation of child protection services.

The overall aim of the BCP is to provide guidance to Child Protection actors on critical and life-saving activities during the COVID-19 situation while considering health and safety concerns of the communities as well as child protection staff. In addition, the document includes practical guidance to field coordinators on core child protection activities and procedures to ensure well-coordinated prevention and response activities.