Cash Based Intervention Knowledge and Practice Gap Analysis Report

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Cashcap conducted knowledge and practice gap assessment survey to understand partners` knowledge and practice gaps on cash and markets programming and to develop learning pathways on addressing needs of the cash community in Uganda on cash transfer programming. The mapping of the gaps was deemed necessary to inform the CWG on training needs and therefore, areas of focus to ensure key thematic areas such as quality programming in cash programing is well understood and put in place.

The survey questionnaire was prepared in line with CaLP`s standard training manual, and a set of questions were uploaded on a survey monkey tool- a webpage designed to collect data online and analyse; and shared with the CWG members both at the country and field offices, and sector working groups. A total of 19 responses were received representing donor agencies, UN, INGOs, NGOs, private sectors and the Red Cross. Although, the number of respondents is a bit lower as compared to the total number of partners that received the survey; findings are indicative enough to show knowledge and practice gaps of main actors in the CWG.

The survey monkey provided very comprehensive and summarized analysis. However, it lacked the functionality to allow for further correlation of data to inform on detailed questions such as; detailed capacity needs by actors. This therefore necessitated for more granular analysis, and provided recommendations based on data interpretations.