Amudat Drought Bulletin December 2011

Situation Report
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December experienced below normal rainfall, the month was majorly characterized by effects of the dry spell. Windy conditions and change in the vegetation were prominent. Predictions from the department of meteorology indicated that there are high chances for below normal conditions over several parts of the district till the end of the month of January. Market activities were at their peak during the month because most households were purchasing items for the festive season. The month experienced a decrease in the purchasing power of both Agro and Agro-pastoral communities that engage in the sale of firewood and charcoal as source of livelihood during this period. It is predicted that this condition will continue as the dry spell progresses. Reports from communities that have livestock indicated that the animal’s body condition remained stable. Water accessibility at household level decreased from 84L-45L because of a reduction in the number of water collection points.