ACT Alert: Renewed conflict in DRC North Kivu leads to massive refugee influx into Uganda

from ACT Alliance
Published on 26 Dec 2013 View Original

Geneva, 26 December 2013

1. Brief description of the emergency and impact

On the 25th of December 2013, the Uganda rebel group that was threatening the peace in the North Kivu attacked and took control of Kamango township sparking off a massive movement of an estimated 2,000 refugees into Uganda. The refugees cross through Bundibugyo border area and are transported into the UNHCR refugee reception centre of Bubukwanga.

According to the UNHCR contingency plan, this was bound to happen on the analysis that any attack by the FARDC/ MONUSCO on the Allied Democratic Front (ADF) rebel installations in North Kivu Province(Beni Territory) would spark off massive refugee movement of an approximated up to 30,000 new arrivals in 7,500 households.

Earlier in July 2013, Allied Democratic Front (ADF) launched an attack to Kamango town in Northern part of North Kivu displacing 66,000 refugees into Bundibugyo district.

2. Why is an ACT response needed?

As refugees flee their homes, massive number of women with babies on their backs and children walking along with their few livestock and a few essentials wrapped in bed sheets helplessly seek for safety. They have suffered various forms of abuses before arriving at the transit centre. In addition, there is a struggle to survive as life in the camp means scarcity of food, water, shelter, beddings, light at night and general protection services.