15,447 Congolese refugees hosted at Bubukwanga Transit Centre

from Uganda Red Cross
Published on 22 Jul 2013 View Original

Bubukwanga Transit camp in Bundibugyo is now home to 15,447 with more females registered. Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) continues to manage the transit camp on behalf of Office of Prime Minister and UNHCR. 70 Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to support in the operation.

URCS registered 99 unaccompanied minors of which 67 have successfully been re-united with their parents by the Red Cross.

A URCS Bundibugyo refugee influx response update of July 22, 2013 indicates that 5,028 refugees on Sunday received essential household items that included blankets, cups, plates, sleeping mats and soap. The items were provided by UNHCR, UNICEF, OPM, URCS, Save the Children and World Vision.

At the centre, 202 females were attended to by the psychosocial support teams and provided with dignity kits. The URCS report also indicates construction of water and sanitation facilities is nearing completion.

Two bathroom blocks have been set up, improving coverage of bathrooms to 42 in the centre. Hygiene promotion and sensitization is on going in the camp by Red Cross volunteers to ensure that the refugees stay in a clean environment.

The water and sanitation component is spearheaded by World Harvest Mission, UNICEF, URCS, LWF and Oxfam. WFP and OPM continue to provide food for the refugees.

Two meals are prepared per day. In terms of shelter and accommodation, 22 communal shelter are already in use while construction of 10 more is on-going. OPM who is coordinating the relocation process reports that all sites with refugees have been cleared. Reports indicate that some refugees are staying with relatives/friends within Bundibugyo.